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Diamond FX Facepaint NN150 Yellow Refill
€ 4.25

Diamond FX Professional water based facepaint.


Diamond FX Facepaint Neon 150 Yellow Refill 10 Gram

Diamond FX Professional water based make-up.
Diamond FX has got an high concentration of pigment and lively colors.
With Diamond FX you Can be paint over any color, even white on black, while still maintaining its brightness and density.
The paint is easy to use and works great for line work as well as sponging.

Stackable containers – The 45 and 90 gram containers can be screwed together so you can stack your favorite colors on top of eachother for quick and easy storage.

There is no perfume in Diamond FX face paint.

 Please note that the colors displayed on your monitor may actually be slightly different.

 Manufactured according to the EEC and FDA regulations

content:10 gram

Brand Diamond Fx Face & Body Paint

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