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Silly Farm Facepaint Stencil Easter
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Sillyfarm facepaint stencil

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Facepaint Stencil Easter

Pink Power stencils were created by Silly Farm and are versatile enough to be used with Face Painting and as Airbrush stencils. The Pink Power stencils are made from a hot pink .10mm mylar plastic and can be re used a million times. Stencil Designs are cut to be the perfect size for fast face painting and cheek art. Pink Power stencils are ideal for fast face painting when used with a rainbow cake, you can create amazing colorful designs in under 10 seconds.!

Check out the Silly Farm video corner for tips, tricks and designs using the Pink Power stencils. And don't forget to check out the Rainbow cakes section for the coolest color combinations to be used with the Pink Power stencils.

Brand Sillyfarm

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