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Mehron Clown White Lite 56gr
€ 7.90

Mehron Clown White Makeup 

content:65 gram


Mehron Clown white

Mehron Clown White Makeup is the original. Mehron, the Premier Performance Makeup Manufacturer since 1927, has been making Clown White for over eight decades. Clowns the world over have been using Clown White by Mehron your entire life, unless of course you are over eighty years old! Mehron Clown White Makeup is unsurpassed in whiteness, consistency, quality and coverage. Mehron Clown White is super smooth and creamy. Clown White Makeup covers efficiently without dryness or cracking and has been enduring the long demanding performances of the World’s Most Famous Clowns. Mimes also love Mehron Clown White for their White Face performances.

Color White
Brand Mehron / Mark Reid

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