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Zombie Skin Latex Flesh Skin 28gr
€ 12.50

Zombie skin is a amoniac-free latex, which is creamy in texture.

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Zombie Skin Latex Flesh Skin

Zombie Skin is convenient, quick, and easy to use. Plus, all of Zombie Skin’s ingredients are completely safe and FDA approved. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced master makeup artist, Zombie Skin is a “must-have” for every makeup kit! In fact, Zombie Skin is being used by professional Makeup Artists in movies and Haunted Attractions across the globe. Order Zombie Skin today and experience the game changer in FX latex makeup! Our  1 ounce jar filled the choice of Flesh tone or Original formula.  Great for quick cuts, wounds, burns, and perfect for prosthetic edge blending. 

Brand Zombie Skin FX

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