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Brush Cleansing Mat
€ 7.95

With the Boozyshop Brush Cleansing Mat you can clean your brushes in no time!

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Brush Cleansing Mat

With the Boozyshop Brush Cleansing Mat you can clean your brushes in no time! This mat has 7 different textures to deep clean your makeup brushes, the different textures all have a different function and ensure that your brush soap can penetrate the hairs properly.

With the special rinse texture you can easily remove all soap residues from the hairs, so that they are ready for the next use. And a distinction has also been made between face and eye brushes, so you can use a separate 'washing program' for each brush ;-) to ensure that your brushes are properly cleaned.

The handy suction cups on the back of the mat ensure that the mat stays in place during your weekly brush cleaning sessions. What are you waiting for? Make washing brushes a party with this beautiful pink brush cleansing mat!

This brush cleansing mat:

  • brushes completely clean in no time
  • 7 different textures
  • brush soap penetrates well into the hair
  • different textures for face and eye brushes
  • convenient suction cups
  • stays firmly in place in the sink
  • cruelty-free
Brand Boozyshop

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