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Diamond Fx Splitcake Palette Shine
€ 23.95

This Splitcake palette Shine is a composite palette with the 6 most popular split cakes from Diamond FX.

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Diamond FX Splitcake Palette Shine|6x6 

This Splitcake palette Shine is a composed palette with the 6 most popular split cakes from Diamond FX. It is a handy palette with which you always have something for everyone and you can make the most beautiful combinations with only essential colors. This palette contains the following split cakes: Flabbergasted, Twisted Pastels, Sky, Strawberry Delight, Green Carpet and of course Captain Obvious. These split cakes contain only the essential colors. The boxes contain 6 grams each of each split cake.

Included: 1x flat brush 8mm


Tips and tricks

Stay on top of hygiene and keep your cakes and tools dry and clean. Don’t use hydrating products before you paint your skin. We recommend activating our paint with a wet brush or damp sponge. Don’t leave excess water in your cakes. Remove the paints from the skin with mild soap and cold to lukewarm water.


Brand Diamond Fx Face & Body Paint

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