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Kingart White Nylon Brushes Set Of 8
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Comparable to Loew-Cornell 795 Series White Nylon Brushes.

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Kingart White Nylon Brushes Set Of 8

These durable all purpose brushes offer superb resilience while holding a good, sharp edge. Favored by ceramists & fabric painters, they are also ideal for beginning painters and perform well in all mediums. 

Ideal for outlining, detailing, line work and tear drops. Sturdy and durable brush features white nylon bristles, nickel-plated ferrules and short, lacquered handle.

The 7950 Series brushes are some of the most popular face painting brushes in the industry! They have white nylon bristles which keep their shape well when loaded with face paint, and they work well for swirls, tear drops and line work.

White nylon gold grip brushes have been constructed with the fabric painter in mind. These brushes hold copious amounts of color and are stiff enough to help drive color into the fabric. They are also suitable for use with any acrylics or watercolors.

The 7950 series gold grip series is also popular among face painters and ceramicists!

Note: Comparable to Loew-Cornell 795 Series White Nylon Brushes.

Set included 8 brushes.

  • 7950-0
  • 7950-1
  • 7950-2
  • 7950-3
  • 7950-4
  • 7950-5
  • 7950-6
  • 7950-8
Hair typeSynthetic hair
Brush typeSet
Brand Kingart

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