False eyelashes are an easy way to take your make-up from an everyday make-up to a party look in just a few minutes, if you know how. The false eyelashes give your eyelashes both extra length and volume, which makes your eyes more defined, and if you choose the right model of the eyelashes, they also help to give the illusion of bigger and livelier eyes. 


In order to take part in the effects false eyelashes can give, it is important that the application is good. Here we share our best tips to make it both as easy and as good as possible.


Step 1

Finish your makeup, the false eyelashes will be the last step in your makeup. Apply an eyeliner along your own lash line, so that it helps camouflage the false lash line. You can use a liquid eyeliner or an eye pencil. If you are not comfortable with applying an eyeliner, the easiest thing to do is to draw a line with a soft pencil and then erase it, it will help to camouflage the false eyelashes in a simple and natural way. If you have very straight natural lashes, it can be good to bend them with the help of an eyelash curler , and then apply mascara to your lashes. Apply mascara to your lashes even if you don't need to curl them.

step 2

Measure the false eyelash against your own eye and then cut to the outer edges if the lash is longer than your eye.

Step 3

Take out some eyelash glue on the back of your hand or on another flat surface, then use the back of the eyelash glue tube to apply the glue to the false eyelashes.

Step 4 

Allow the glue to dry slightly, wait 30-60 seconds after applying the glue.

Step 5

Apply the false eyelashes using tweezers, start by applying the middle part of the lash and use your own lashes as a support to get them as close to the lash line as possible. Once you've got the middle part in place, press to the outer sides of the lash row here again as close to your own lashes as possible. 

Step 6 

Then use the tweezers to press your own lashes together with the false lashes, the mascara will help them stick to each other, this also helps to bring the false eyelashes closer to the lash line and it also makes your own lashes camouflage better which gives a more natural result from the side.