Do you also dream of full, long artificial eyelashes, but don't like the hassle of eyelash glue? Then Magnetic Lashes are the solution! They are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. You can apply these lashes without eyelash glue, which makes it all even easier. These are Magnetic Lashes Magnetic Lashes are quickly translated magnetic lashes - and that's exactly what it is. The eyelashes can be applied with a special eyeliner that is full of small magnets that match the Magnetic Lashes. When you apply the eyelashes, they are, as it were, clicked onto your eyes. The magnets are so small that you don't feel anything of course. This system ensures that applying the eyelashes becomes even easier and that the eyelashes stay in place all day long. How do you apply Magnetic Lashes? To get started, you need both the eyeliner and the Lash Kit. Shake the eyeliner well before use and then use it as a normal eyeliner. Put a thin line on your eyelash edge and let it dry well. Then you can place the magnetic eyelashes on the eyeliner. How do you remove Magnetic Lashes? Gently remove the lashes from the eyelids and put them back in the packaging or in a lash case. This way you can use them again later. To remove the eyeliner, you need an oil-based makeup remover. Use a cotton pad or swab with the makeup remover and gently rub the eyeliner off your eyelids. The advantages of Magnetic Lashes If it is not possible to place them in one go, you can carefully remove them and simply place them again. The magnets work so well that the lashes stay in place all day. You don't have to worry about ruining an eye look. Since there's no glue involved, you can't just wipe off your eyeshadow. These lashes last longer than the regular lashes with glue because they are so easy to take off. They damage a lot less quickly. Because they are not stuck, you can easily reuse them. The lifespan of these eyelashes is therefore longer than the eyelashes with glue. The Magnetic Lashes therefore last much longer than the normal lashes. Moreover, they are easy to use because no glue is involved.